Sunday, October 12, 2008


Last night was my birthday. J took me out for a birthday dinner at this place on Friday evening.
Then he took me shopping for some fall/winter clothes for work. He also picked out and ordered me this swift that I had been wanting. I am surprised he found out about it. I mentioned I wanted to get myself one along time ago and I did not specify anything about what kind I wanted. But he ordered the perfect one.
Last night I went up to J's Grandparents house to deliver some baby gifts for a double baby shower I was invited to last week. I did not make it to the shower due to a map quest snaffoo.
I could not find my way and I am the only living person who does not own a cell phone.
When I delivered the baby gifts to the Grandparent's they were playing cards. We all had a little dessert Donna had made this wonderful Amish Friendship Bread. She sent me home with a starter. I thought I would make it for J. I am sure he would love it. Here is the link for a similar recipe. The one she made has a pudding mix added in the bread when it is made.

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