Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dorothy Lane Market Killer Brownie

When, I moved to Ohio I stumbled upon this brownie. I have been searching on the net for the calorie content. I am sure there are other people wondering what it is also.
They are the best brownie I have ever tasted, but I can see why.
I decided to post it on my blog when I found it so everyone else looking can find it also.

The Original has 370 calories (190 calories from fat)
Not a Nutter has 370 calories (170 calories from fat)
German Chocolate has 380 calories (220 calories from fat)
Peanut Butter has 440 calories (230 calories from fat)

Here is the kicker each brownie serves 4. So, take the calories listed above and 4 times the original 370 calories = 1480 calories in each original brownie. I found out the kicker while reading this blog. Very sneeky but pretty tasty.

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