Saturday, September 20, 2008

Darn that Ike

Last, Sunday at about 1:30 or so we lost our power. I was on the phone with my Mother in the morning and noticed it seemed a bit windy. But, I thought nothing of it. So I went off on my merry way to get a hair cut and eyebrow wax. Because J's work was having a party the following weekend.
The winds were very high by the time I got out of the hair cutting place. The power was going on and off while I was getting my hair cut. I was planning to go to the gym afterwards but I decided I better just go straight home. On the way home I saw this large piece of drywall cartwheeling down the street at my car. The winds were pretty bad at that time. As I was driving past the entrance to the golf course by our house a tree had fallen on the power lines and had caught fire.
Since, I am the last living person without a cell phone I decided I would call about the fire when I got home. I drove around the corner to our street and there was a big tree down in the road and no one could get through. Everyone in the line of cars got out of their cars and helped move the tree. When finally pulled in to our place we had no power and no phone. So much for calling about the fire.
This wind business lasted well into the night. There were all sorts of trees uprooted all over town. The power has been out for most of the town all week. Most people got their power back by Thursday. But a few people at the gym and at my work still have no power. There are many street intersection lights still out. It took me 50 minutes to get home last night. It should have been a 20 min drive at the most. With all the lights out it became much longer.
We were lucky we only lost our potted plants and the a large trash bag full of shingles from our roof. Our power was only out for about 20 hours.

I was planning to go out to a fiber festival this morning in Yellow Springs at I saw online on the Dayton daily news that they had alot of damage from Ike.

Here is the link to what happened to the dairy.!/

It seems the fiber festival is still going on so I will take pictures and post later on.

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