Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Birthday!

I just awoke from a long birthday nap. I must admit I needed that.
I thought I would take pictures of my birthday gifts that came in the mail. My Mother sent me quite a few shirts and a hoodie jacket along with a beautiful purse. She also sent a little hand crocheted bag that is very sweet. My friend Cindy, from work gave me a Debbie Bliss Knitting magazine with a yarn cutter and tape measure. I have been eyeballing the yarn cutter in a knitting catalog that I have. I am so happy she picked that out. You know you can't always carry sissors around.
My Aunt from Napa sent a thoughtful card with a gift card from Trader Joes.
Last, but not least Christine and Ralph sent Yankee Candles. Yummy! A pumpkin cake and Almond Cookie one. They smell delicious. Two of my favorite scents.
Thanks for all of my birthday gifts, it is so thoughtful of everyone to go to the trouble to pick out and mail things to me.
I love everything.

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