Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Son Of Dish Rag Tag - Finally!!!!

I have been awaiting the arrival of the Son Of Dish Rag Tag box. It finally arrived last night. Here is what was in it.
A pretty checkboard dish rag made by the girl ahead of me in the race. She sent me a knitting project bag. I love it! She also sent lots of treats. The new skien of yarn was to knit the next dish rag with. Along, with all the gifts were a pattern for the dishcloth. I was to make the dish rag as soon as possible and send it out. I made most of it last night and finished it up in the morning.

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Libbie said...

So glad you liked your package, I really enjoyed the pattern and trying to decide what to send. I hope you can use the bag, I had purchased several on etsy and really enjoy them.